Low Level Laser Hair Therapy

What is LLLT?

LLLT stands for Low Level Laser Therapy. LLLT is an effective, drug-free, non-surgical solution for men and women experiencing hair loss. Successfully developed and practiced in Europe, HRS is pleased to announce the introduction of the Low Laser Hair Therapy system.

How Does LLLT work?

LLLT is based on the scientific principal of Photo Therapy. Photo Therapy utilizes laser light energy to provide nourishment to your hair. Who will benefit from LLLT? LLLT is recommended for men and women who are experiencing hair loss and have fine, thinning hair. LLLT is not recommended for men or women in advanced stages of hair loss.

What can I expect from LLLT?

Results vary from individual to individual, but you can expect your hair to look healthier, fuller and thicker.

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Low Level Laser Hair Therapy Low Level Laser Hair Therapy is recommended for men and women in the early stages of hair loss or for those experiencing fine or thinning hair.
Experiencing Hair Loss?
Experiencing Hair Loss?

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