Folligraft 3.1

Hair Grafts Without Surgery

Until now, hair grafts have always been associated with surgery: hair surgically removed from the patients donor area, then surgically grafted to the scalp. But what if it were possible to replicate the process without surgery? What if it were possible to take human hair from a source other than the patient,and then somehow graft it to the scalp without surgical means? Today, it is possible!

Folligraft 3.1 represents a quiet revolution in how men can alleviate a balding condition without surgery, offering all the benefits of surgical procedures, with none of the disadvantages.

It has long been recognized that it is possible to grow hair through surgical means, including a hairline. (Even the manufactures of the prescription drugs won’t claim they can re-grow a hairline.) But the question with surgery is, what kind of hairline? What will it look like? Surgery does have limitations. There is only so much hair a balding man can donate from his own scalp. There might not be enough to give him cosmetic coverage. The cost can be rather high, too. And as is the case with any surgical procedure, there are no guarantees.

But if the surgical part of the grafting process could be eliminated, and along with it, the costs and risk associated with surgery, hair grafts would be the ideal solution for many men. That’s exactly what Folligraft 3.1 is.

Non-Surgical Does Not Mean “Hair-System”

Many men associate the word “non-surgical” with “hair system” or “hair replacement” or whatever you call the products that you’ve seen on TV for the past 15 years. But with Folligraft, “non-surgical” is just our way of differentiating our process from surgical grafts. Folligraft 3.1 is a lab created skin graft secured directly to the scalp. As secure as your own growing hair. You certainty can’t say that about the hair replacement you see on tv!

Folligraft is nothing but hair and scalp. Yours. And since the Folligraft 3.1 hair appears to be rooted, the naked eye can’t tell the difference, even if you were to closely examine the scalp after parting the hair with a fine-tooth comb. And unlike hair systems, there is no need for attachments with Folligraft 3.1, since there is nothing to attach. To the eye, and to the touch, nothing differentiates Folligraft 3.1 from your own growing hair. And that’s what makes Folligraft so remarkable.

For all these reasons, Folligraft 3.1 is better, compared to surgical hair grafts, than any of the non-surgical procedures available today.

Folligraft 3.1: Hair Without Limitations.

Even the best surgical hair grafts, performed by the most skilled surgeon, can only do so much. Only so much hair can be grafted, even if there is an abundance of donor hair. And surgery being surgery, there are limitations to exactly how closely the grafts can be placed,.

Folligraft 3.1, being non-surgical doesn’t have to content with donor areas or surgical limitations. So there’s really no limit as to what can be accomplished. Because the ionization process can secure hair anywhere on the scalp.

The hairline is the hardest to restore if it’s to look truly natural. With Folligraft 3.1, just the right amount of hair can be appliedied in exactly the right spots and direction, to recreate the hairline you used to have. So too, with the crown and mid-scalp areas. Even loss in the temples can be filled in.

But it’s not just where the hair can be filled in, but how much that can be filled in, that counts. Without suitable cosmetic coverage, you’ll just look like you’re in earlier stages of hair loss. Because the Folligraft 3.1 human hair is not dependant upon a donor area, as much hair as is required for full coverage can be applied.

And once that coverage has been achieved, you’ll find that there are also no limitation on what you can do and how you do it. The chemically-induced procedure that triggers the ionization process secures hair to the scalp with surety of rooted hair.

So everyday activities, like shampooing and blow drying, become pleasures again. And not so everyday activities, such as skin diving or heading a soccer ball or whatever, are just as they used to be. Only this time, you’re doing them with hair. And that makes all the difference in the world.

Folligraft 3.1: This is What It’s Like

What’s it like to have new Folligraft 3.1 hair?

  • The Folligraft 3.1 hair lies flush with your own hair. Someone could take their finger and run it up one of your sideburns, up over the top of your head through the mid-scalp, and then down again to your other sideburn without feeling anything but your hair and your scalp.
  • When you run your comb through your hair, you won’t notice the difference between the new hair and your own. It’s the same weight and texture. It lays the same, moves the same, bounces the same. Reacts the same to wind and water.
  • You won’t notice that you have new hair until you look in the mirror. You’ll be doing that a lot for the first few days after the procedure has been completed; you won’t be able to get over how much you look like you used to.
  • But don’t expect as lot of attention from other people around you. To everyone else, you’re just another guy with hair. What do you tell people who know you best? Just tell them you had hair grafts. And ask them how they like them.

One more thing you might wonder. How does it feel to actually make that first call to get more information about Folligraft 3.1? Well, you’ll have to find that out for yourself. But it’s a call well worth making. We’ll let you know if Folligraft 3.1 can work for you (not everyone is a candidate), what results you can expect, and the cost of procedure. So please, call us today to talk to one of our hair specialists. And find out for yourself.

Folligraft 3.1 Before & After Gallery

Your new hair is bounded directly to your scalp allowing you to enjoy the activities you love with complete confidence. Even closeup, hair appears to be rooted to your scalp for a natural, undetectable look.
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