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Hair Replacement Systems’ Award Winning staff has over 30 years of hair replacement experience. HRS is now celebrating our 20th year providing professional service to the Palm Beach Gardens, Florida area. We offer a free, private consultation to answer questions and determine which option would be best for your particular type of hair loss. HRS is dedicated to providing the most technology advanced hair replacement processes available today.

Everyone is Different

We analyze the density of your hair and your overall objectives to tailor a customized hair replacement solution to you. From preventivitive hair loss techniques to full hair restoration, we have hair loss solutions to fit your individual and unique needs. Concerned about people knowing you are undergoing treatment for hair loss? No problem, we can easily accomidate a gradual transition to minimize the noticable “before and after” effect to your hair restoration.

Why HRS?

There are a lot of reasons to choose HRS:

  • Exclusive: HRS is South Florida’s only total hair replacement center utilizing all the latest state-of-the-art non-medical and medical procedures to help find the solution of your hair loss problem.
  • Quality: Superior products and a high level of professional services.
  • Experience: HRS has solved hair loss problems in Palm Beach County since 1990 and as one of the most experienced hair replacement centers in North America.
  • Success: We’ve helped literally tens of thousands of men and women and we can do the same for you, with the same level of success our many clients have enjoyed.

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Experiencing Hair Loss?

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